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The Importance of Good Duct work

Duct work problems can occur in any Harrisonburg or Rockingham County home. However, poor duct design and installation can make some problems more likely than others. Incorrectly installed duct work is a leading cause of higher utility bills and uneven home heating and cooling. Here, we’ll look at the importance of good duct work. We’ll also discuss solutions to common duct work problems.

The importance of Good Duct work can’t be Underestimated

Duct work is the heating and cooling circulatory system of a home. However, according to Energy Star,between 20% and 30% of heat and air moving through ducts, is lost as a result of poor sealing. Thankfully, it is possible to reduce duct air and energy wastage, by following simple duct work installation best practices.

Good Duct work Basics

Good duct work designs provide uninterrupted hot and cool airflow while minimizing air and energy wastage.To realize comfort and energy saving benefits it is, therefore, important to follow a few simple duct work installation rules.

  • It is important for ducts in a Harrisonburg and Rockingham County homes to be the right size. When this is not the case, it is necessary for the air handler of a home HVAC unit to work harder.
  • Good duct work should be properly sealed to prevent leaks, maximize airflow, and completely prevent air from outside a property from entering a home.
  • It is important that duct work has clear routes for properly balanced supply and return airflow. This ensures that heated and cooled air is always evenly distributed.

Good duct systems should also be composed of materials which are suitable for different property types.Common materials used in ducts include aluminum, fiberglass, and galvanized steel.

Common Ductwork Problems

Installing ducts which are the wrong size, is a sure way to shorten the usable lifespan of a home HVAC system. Return temperature discrepancies and pressure buildups, all force HVAC air handlers to work harder.However, many common duct problems go unnoticed.

Ducts in a home which are not adequately sealed, often leak air and heat into unused home areas. After HVAC failure, higher than expected home energy bills are, therefore, most homeowners’ first indication that they have a duct work problem.

Duct work and Sick Building Syndrome

Potential energy savings mean that it is a good idea for all homeowners to invest in semi-regular duct work maintenance. However, as well as being more energy-efficient, good duct work is also healthier for home inhabitants.

Ducts may be expertly installed. Over time, though, dust, mold spores, and allergens can accumulate inside ventilation areas. This causes what is commonly known as “Sick Building Syndrome.” The Good news,though, is that home health problems can be completely avoided, by investing in regular duct work cleaning,maintenance, and repair.

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